Back to the Grind

I’m sorry I haven’t updated in a few weeks.  Between getting sick, having the in-laws in town for the holidays, and just being busy with work and Christmas in general, I’ve had very little time to sit down and formulate a blog post. 

Our finances are actually starting to look up.  My husband was reimbursed for some expenses of about $750.  We put $550 toward our credit card with the largest balance.  Once my husband gets paid on Thursday, we should be able to throw an additional $400 at that credit card as well. 

We were going to use the Dave Ramsey method of paying off the smallest debt first, however, my credit card with the largest balance (around $6k before the $550 payment) decided to jump from a 10% interest rate to 24%, so that is now our main focus and we’re hoping to pay that off ASAP, then we’ll focus on the smaller cards.

Also in good news, we have $400 in our emergency fund.  We’re very happy about that.  I know it’s small, but you have to start somewhere.  We’re only contributing about $200 a month to it, but with my husband in the military and with my new job, we’re not worried about one of us being unemployed any time soon.  After we get more of our debt paid off, we’ll definitely be beefing that sucker up! 

Speaking of the military, my husband leaves next week for a four-month deployment to Qatar.  I’m very sad to see him go, but I always save so much money with him away.  Not only do we get a boost in his paychecks for us being separated, but my grocery bill and eating out bill goes down drastically whenever he is gone.  Instead of my $100 a week on food, I only spend about $50 a week on groceries for myself, not to mention  I only have to put gas in one car versus two when he’s here.

I’m going to make a goal post soon.   I need to do some math and see how realistic it is going to be to pay off our debt next year, plus take two vacations (one in July to go home and another in the fall for a romantic get-away with the hubby).  And I’ll also throw in a few personal goals as well.  :)

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Weekly Money Check-Up

First, let me apologize for not updating sooner.  I’ve been pretty busy with work and when I’m at home, it is truly downtime, usually catching up on TV shows, talking to my husband on the phone (he’s in Florida and comes home next week!), and playing with my dogs.  :) 

1. The most I’ve spent this last week was on Bills.  I haven’t done much Christmas shopping yet, I’m waiting until I get my paycheck this Friday to get it all done. 

2. Today I feel very aware about my money.  I’ve been keeping a very close eye on our spending lately and it’s great to know where we stand with our budget every day.  Thank you,!

3. Money can’t buy happiness. One free/inexpensive thing I did last week that made me happy was be lazy!  I really cherish all the time off work I get, so when I’m off work, I just love staying in my pajamas all day and catching up on TV shows I missed during the week.

4. I will consider this week a success if I can make it all week without crying.  I’ve been really emotional lately, with my husband being gone, PMS, and stress at work, last week was a really hard week to get through. 

5. My favorite holiday drink is peppermint mocha.  However, the nearest Starbucks is an hour away and I only get to have Starbucks every couple of months. :(

The weekly money check-up was lovingly stolen from PrettyPennies:)

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Belated Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey Day everyone!  I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday.  :)  I know I was relieved to have a day off, but it wasn’t really a day off since I was cooking all afternoon and then entertaining my brother-in-law and his friend until almost 11pm.  Needless to say, I’m exhausted today and not at all happy I have to work.  I think Thanksgiving should be a four-day weekend! 

Thanksgiving has always been really important to my family.  My grandmother carried the Alden name from John and Priscilla Alden of the Mayflower all these generations.  My parents are HUGE into geneology and history and they’ve always educated my sister and I about our family tree.

So this year, I give thanks to my wonderful family, my amazing husband (who couldn’t be here to celebrate with me because of work), great friends, and our fur-babies that I love so much.  Also very thankful that I finally have a job.  Money has been tight, but things are definitely starting to look up.

I hope everyone had a blessed holiday and a happy weekend! 

– SB

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So, I joined today!  I’m loving it so far despite the fact that we’re over our budget on almost every category.  I’m really looking forward to the start of next month when everything resets and we can begin from scratch.  It’s really user friendly, adding all of our accounts was very seamless. 

I definitely budget on my own, usually on a 1st-14th and 15th-31st budget plan.  I figure out our income, bills, then factor in groceries, gas, dog food and other necessary items that may come up for the pay period.  Most of our savings transfers are already factored in to our direct deposits so I don’t have to worry about those and the rest left over is applied to debt.  I don’t bother with a “clothing” budget because honestly, my husband and I don’t need new clothes every month.  We get our own little allowances every paycheck and we can use our allowance on whatever we want. 

If you haven’t visited yet, you definitely should give it a look.  Even if you don’t use it for your hardcore budgeting, it is a pretty interesting look into your spending trends.

– SB

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Weekly Money Check-Up

1. The most I’ve spent this last week was on groceries for Thanksgiving dinner.  My husband won’t be here for Thanksgiving, but my brother-in-law and one of his friends are driving down from Virginia to spend the holiday with me.

2. Today I feel neutral towards money.  We’re starting to get our budget and expenses in order.  Really can’t wait to start getting my paychecks from this new job.

3. Money can’t buy happiness. One free/inexpensive thing I did last week that made me happy was make home-made minestrone.  Ok, so I had to buy the vegetable broth and diced tomatos, but I love making my own minestrone!  I’m a vegetarian and all the soups in the grocery store have chicken or beef broth in them, so making my own soups as been really fun and delicious.

4. I will consider this week a success if I don’t burn anything for Thanksgiving dinner!

5. My favorite food at Thanksgiving is stuffing!  So delicious!

I borrowed this from MyPrettyPennies.  :) 

Have a great week!

– SB


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Financial Profile

Let me start off by saying thank you for reading my personal finance blog.  I’m not a certified financial planner and even though I’ve been in banking for 6 years, I’m human and have made plenty of mistakes when it comes to money.  I used to have no debt, thousands of dollars in savings and a $500 buffer in my checking account.  But several years later, things have spiraled out of control between my husband losing his job and gaining a new one, and me having to give up my well-paying job to move for my husband’s job. 

We make approximately $3,000 a month between the two of us.   My husband and I have a little under $16,000 in credit card debt, not including my car loan (his car was a gift from his parents).  Our mission is to wipe out this credit card debt over the next year.  We are not aiming to pay off the car just yet, we’d rather focus on all this credit card debt, which is spread out over nine different credit cards.  Making all these payments every month is just exhausting.  We’d like to start trying for a baby next year, but we refuse to do so until this credit card debt is gone and we have some money in savings. 

We’re also building our emergency savings as well as putting a small amount of money away each month in a “baby” savings account ($30 a month), as well as $20 a month for a Travel Fund, as we have family that live on opposite sides of the country and we need money to be able to visit our parents.  We each contribute $50 a paycheck to our emergency fund ($200 a month) as well as $50 a paycheck to our Christmas fund.  We each get an allowance of $50 a paycheck (his from his paycheck, mine from my paycheck).  That money can be spent on anything we want, no questions asked.  I feel that too much restricting in a budget can do more harm than good, kind of like dieting.  Deny yourself of one thing, and you’ll definitely end up over-indulging later.

We’re using some elements of Dave Ramsey’s baby steps (snowball effect).  However, we’re tailoring it to our needs.  We’re slowly building our emergency fund while throwing the majority of our extra money into our debt.  Because we don’t pay rent (my husband is in the military and we live in a 4-bedroom house on the base for free and pay no utilities except our own cable and internet), we will have plenty of extra money each month.

My husband is paid every month on the 1st and 15th, while I am paid every other Friday.  Because of this, my budget can be a little different and I prefer to work it out on paper first, however I will be putting it on a spreadsheet to post on this blog twice a month.

I really hope you enjoy reading our journey to become debt free.  :)  Comments are more than welcome.  Have a great weekend, everyone!

– SB

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Welcome to SheBudget!

Hello and welcome to SheBudget!  I’m a 20-something Air Force wife and mom to two adorable dogs and I’m on a mission to get rid of our debt!  Who am I exactly?  Well, I  work for a bank and have been in banking for the last six years.  I truly enjoy everything about personal finance and budgeting!  However, over the last year or so, my husband and I have hit some rough financial times and accrued a large amount of credit card debt, as well as a car loan.  He was unemployed for a long period of time and so was I.  Now, we both have stable jobs are finally hoping to get out of debt and become debt free! 

I will make a separate post outlining our income, debt, savings, and goal.  Please keep reading to follow our journey!

– SB

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